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Production Introduce :
1,Gathers the aluminum chloride,s packing

    The solid gathers the packing form which the aluminum chlorideuses generally to have two kinds: One kind is outside the bag weavesthe bag for the polypropylene material, in bag for polyethylenematerial thin film bag, 25Kg/ bag; Another kind is inside and outsideis the polypropylene material thin film bag 20Kg/ bag; The liquidproduct transports with the tanker, also may according to the customerrequest loaded in barrels transportation. . The liquid producteffective storage time is a year, the solid is two years. The solidproduct should deposit in ventilates dryly place, avoids absorbingmoisture in the air, after but is affected with damp does not affectthe use effect.
    The liquid product and the diluent slightly have corrosiveness, theproduct should deposit to makes the antiseptic treatment thespecial-purpose storage tank for to be good.
This product not suitable and virulent, is easy to corrode the goodsas well as other chemicals mixes saves.
2,edible acetic acid packing
Uses the edible level polyethylene to model the feeding trough,each     barrel net weight 25Kg.

3,sorbitol packing:

    The sorbitol has directly press, may make the surface firmly underthe intermediate pressure, the smooth end product.

4,wheat tooth sugar alcohol packing

    Provides the 250Kg/ barrel, 60 Kg/ barrel and so on the manykinds of specifications packing, also may act according to the userdemand packing. Guarantees the nature time for 12 months.

5,Two water calcium chloride packing

Packing specification:
    Weaves the bag inside lining plastic bag packing, each bag of netweights 25kg.
Six, bleaching powder packing
6,Packing specification:

    Weaves the bag inside lining plastic bag packing, each bag of netweights 25kg.



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