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Characteristic Of Two water calcium chloride
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Production Introduce :
The main character of calcium chloride dihydrate :
    Two water calcium chloride are the white granulated crystallization,the taste painstakingly but astringent, deliquescence strong, heats up turns the anhydrous calcium oxide to 260.C, Yi Rongyu the water, can dissolve to is mellow, but Yi Rongyu the ether, two water calcium chloride watery solution does not assume the neutrality or the alkalescency responded, has corrosiveness.
  Is the multipurpose drying agent, its watery solution is the important system ice medicinal preparation which the freezer and the system ice uses, but also can accelerate the concrete hardening and the increase construction mortar cold resistant ability, is the good construction
antifreeze, also is the road surface collection dust medicinal preparation, the harbor, fabric fire proofing agent, food antiseptic and manufacture calcium salt raw material, also uses in the barium chloride and certain dyes productions. Also may use in to make the adhesive, the anhydrous calcium chloride, may use in the system ice, the melt water, the melt snow and so on. It in the rubber, the starch, non-ferrous metal smelting, the lumber protection, the spinning and weaving fire protection, the automobile frostproof,
aspect and so on boiler water treatment also massively utilizes.



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