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Characteristic Of Sorbitol
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Production Introduce :

[ Product range ]:
D - sorbitol, sorbitol
[ English name ]:
[systematic name ]:
[ business commodity name ]:
crystallization sorbitol
[ molecular formula ]:
C6H14O6 (molecular
weight 182.17)

[ Physical performance ]:

    The sorbitol for the white granulated powder, is not smelly, has the
cool sweet taste, sweetness approximately for the sucrose 70%, Yi
Rongyu shui Jire the ethyl alcohol, slightly dissolves to the cold
ethyl alcohol, nearly does not dissolve to the organic solvent.
Proportion: 1.489 (2,0/4 ℃). Its hydrate melting point is 92 ~ 92.7
℃, the anhydrous compounds melting point is 110 ℃. The sorbitol
watery solution density in 50% below time chromatophilic fungus
appears the mildew spot, under 73% above normal temperature may
crystallize, the crystallization sorbitol is easy to absorb water the
tide to meet.

[ Chemistry performance ]:

    The sorbitol and the mannitol, collect mellow, the galactose for with a minute isomer, the sorbitol chemical property is mellowly stable, not easily by the air oxidation, does not play with the acid and alkali the role; Not easily by each kind of microorganism fermentation; The
heat-resisting performance is good; Under the high temperature (200
℃) does not decompose; The sorbitol is the hexatomic alcohol, has
the certain dissolved metal the performance; May dehydrate the
production production sorbitol bitter wine under the hot conditions;
Under the hot conditions may the hydrogen solution, the carbon chain
break obtain the glycol, the trimethylene glycol, the erythritol
butantetraol; In has under the condition which the catalyst exists to
be possible to result in the diethylene glycol dinitrate with the
organic acid esterification system, also may and the aldehyde

Crystallization sorbitol (granular, is powdery) carries out

Liquid sorbitol qualitative index: Carries out Q/NH12-2000

[ Product use and effect ]:

  The sorbitol is one kind of versatility industrial chemicals, in
profession and so on food, date, medicine all has the extremely
widespread function, may take the sweet taste medicinal preparation,
guarantees use and so on aerosol, excipient, antiseptic,
simultaneously has the polyols the nutrition superiority, namely the
low heat value, the low sugar, guard against effect and so on dental
  (1) food industry

  (2) date chemical industry industry: The sorbitol in the
toothpaste as the excipient, guarantees the aerosol, the antifreeze,
joins the quantity to be possible to reach 25 ~ 30%, may maintain the
paste body lubrication, the luster, the feeling in the mouth is good;
The achievement guards against in the cosmetics does the medicinal
preparation (to replace glycerine), may strengthen the emulsifier to
extend the nature and the lubricating ability, is suitable the
standing storage; The sorbitol bitter wine fat diethylene glycol
dinitrate and its the oxirane adding have to the skin irritating
quality small merit, in cosmetics profession widespread application.
  (3) pharmaceutical industry: The sorbitol may take the vitamin C
production raw material; Also may as the syrup, the injection
infusion, the medicine sheeting raw material, as the medicine
dispersing agent, the auxiliaries, the freezing protecting agent,
guard against crystal , the Chinese native medicine stabilizer, the
wetting agent, the capsule plasticizer, the sweet taste medicinal
preparation, the ointment matrix and so on. (4) chemical industry: The
sorbitol may use in surface active agent the and so on Si Pan, Twain
production, the polyether production, the plastic helps the medicinal
preparation production and so on. (5) gamma the powdery
crystallization sorbitol was this company independently develops the
successful variety in 1997, this product has filled the domestic
blank. This variety has gamma the crystal, the melting point high, the
fluidity good, the moisture-proof performance good and so on a little,
widely applies to food and the medicine profession, uses in to
manufacture the non- sugar candy and the health care class sheeting
(contains piece), the effect wonderful is good. At the same time,
because its water content are extremely few and some special
functions, also applies to the upscale fish broom corn millet and the
squid silk processing and the carrier use.

[ Uses this variety to have following performance and merit ]:

  Cool feeling in the mouth: Because its heat of solution is bigger, can
create the special cool feeling in the oral cavity, usually uses in
the non- sugar candy or contains the piece, by the chewing gum, the
chewing gum, corn mint is in the majority. Moisture-resistance:
Because it gamma crystal has the special superficial crystal,
stability good, makes the product moisture-proof performance is good,
bears stores.

[ Is direct Press ]:

  Has directly press, may make the surface firmly under the intermediate pressure, the smooth
end product.
[ Matters needing attention ]:

  After the powdery crystallization sorbitol depositing certain time possibly can appear
vinculum the phenomenon, but does not affect its use effect.



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