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Characteristic Of Maltitol Syrup
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Production Introduce :


  Maltitol is a refined disaccharide alcohol,it is made starch through the process of hydrolysis and hydrogenation.It is a colorless,transparent,viscid thick liquid with neutral reaction; it is easily soluble in water; its sweetness is slightly lower than that of sucrose; the sweetness gives a gentle and pleasant sensation, it has the characters of low—calorie, good heat—resistance, acid—resistance, unfermentable and stable humidity etc; it will not cause the blood glucose levelto rise in human body.


  Most bacteria in oral cavity can not utilize maltitol for fermentation to yield acid, so it has the function for tooth-decay prevetion, as the sweetener it is used for sugar-free candies, sugar-free chewing gum and other food, it can prolong shelf life food; Used for lactic acid drink, it can make the drink with long existing sweetness.
  Stable humidity
  Compared with glycerin and sorbitol, its absorption and releasing of moisture is more stable, this character can adjust the moisture in food to prevent quick drying or frost in refrigerator.
Good heat stability
  It has high heat resistance when heating with amino acid and protein together, it will not cause the Maillard reaction; it is also stable to acid.

  Metabolism feature

  It basically can not be atilized in metabolism of human body, will not cause the blood glucose level to rise.

Using regulation

  In 1985, the Joint Food and Agriculture Organization/world Heath Organization Experts Committee on Food Additives(JECFA)has reviewed the safety data and concluded that sorbitol is safe. JECFA has established an acceptable daily intake(ADI)for maltitol of ‘‘not specified,’’meaning no limits are placed on its use., concluding that maltitol is safe for use,. The user can decide to use how much dosage is suitable according to different need. As a food additive, maltitol was list in the State Standard GB2760 in China, approve to be used in the area of ice cream, cookies and sponge cake, juice, bread, pickles,sugar etc. a lot of countries in Europe and Japan, the maltitol is recommended as food compounds,daily consuption within 100 grams per person would not make the person feel uncomformatable.
Usage scope
  As a sugar-free function sweetener and food additives, it is getting more widely used for candies, chewing gum, chocolates, confiture, jelly, ice cream, cakes, moon cake, sweet dumplings, drinking, dairy produt, bean product. Especially suitable use for person of diabetes, adiposity, and children eating. It also widely used in food, medicine and heathy food industries.

Usage Method

  The maltitol has a series of properties which enable it, without changing the technology and formula, to directly substitute sucrose to make sugar-free food, and it is also can replace a sugar-free sweeter and the glucose syrup.


  Packed with 250kg, 60kg drums etc, or packing according to customer’s request. Shelf life 12 months.

Storage and safety notice

  To avoid storage and transportation with harmful, poison,flammable and easy burst material. To avoid absorbed does more than 100g per person per day.
  Please take attention to controll the temperature during baking and sugar cooking according to different kinds of food. Cooking temperature of normal food shuld be controlled between 170℃--200℃, cooking temperature of cooking sugar should be controlled not more than 165℃.



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