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Characteristic Of Poly Aluminium Chloride
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Production Introduce :

  Poly-Aluminium Chloride(PAC)is a kind of highly effective water purificiant, which is wildly used in the purification of table water,industry water,industry circulation water and wasted and polluted water from pharmacy industry, paper making industry and printing and dying industry, as well as life wasted water. It has the advantages of low cost, less consuption, and an excellent purification effect. As one of the environmental conservation products,PAC is listed in the 10th five-year plan for development of industry by State Development Planning commision of China.

  Nanning chemical has adopted the advanced spray desiccation techniques from the Research Center For Eco-Environmental Science of the Chinese Academy of Science(RCEES-CAS) to produce PAC powder. The annual production capacity of PAC is 20,000 ton, including 15,000 ton solid products and 5,000 ton liquid products. The product’s marketing orientation is middle to high grade products for export, including series of products of different usage such as refined purified PAC and PACS, high purified PAC and PACS, common PACV and liquid PACV,PASS, PFS,and PAC compouded products etc.

  NCG has got the approval of ISO9001`:2000 certification. Through quality products and excellent service, we deliver significant advantages to our global sustomers and partners and have gained reputations and highly appreciation. All of our products are hot sales throughout the world.

  In the meantime,NCGwill strengthen its cooperation with domestic colleges and universities as well as scientific research centers. With the backing os strong scientific research ability and technology force, we will build a first-class water purification producing enterprise in south China, even in the whole country.
Configuration Character and Flocculation Mechanism

  PAC is composed with a series of different polymerizing power of abio-macromolecule compound, it occupying best configuration distribution, the main content is which has high electricity polymerization link distribution figure provided with Keggin configuration, due to it have high electric neutralization and united function to cooloid and fine substance in the water, it mightly wipe off micro-poison and heavy metal ion,PAC has stable capability and configuration character.

Poly-Aluminium Chloride(PAC):
Molecular formular:
Molecular weight: -2000
Inspection license No.: GWSZ[2002]S00028
  Poly-Aluminium Chloride(PAC) is a kind of innocuous, insipidness and easy dissolve in water with appearance of white or light yellow or yellow colour lipidic from liquid and fine resin solid powder, solid product is easy adsorb damp when exposed in the air.
Speciality of blending agglomerati
  1. PAC is a kind of inorganic macromolecule agglomeration agent, through the hydroxyl ion bridging function and polyvalent anion polymeric function, creating large molecular and high electricity inorganic molecular.
  2. The quality of PAC treated water is better than that of the ferric trichloride and aluminum sulfate treated water, besides, the cost of purified treatment is lower.
  3. PAC’s flocculation is faster, sedimentation rtae is higher, and the treatment capability of PAC is larger than that of ferric trichloride and aluminum sulfate.
  4. The adaptability of PAC in treating water source with different temperatures, turbidity value and alkalinity is better than that of ferric trichloride and aluminum sulfate.
  5. PAC is adaptive with long length PH value, which can act within PH 5.0-9.0, with best effect bewteen.
  6. Low causticity, low operation situation requirement.
  7. dissolution character of PAC is better than that of ferric trichloriride and aluminum sulfate.
  8. Low aluminum and salt remained in PAC treated water, which is beneficial for ion-exchange treatment and preparation of high purified water.

Raw Material

Use excellent quality Hydrochloric acid,aluminum hydroxide and aluminum calcium powder in China.

Series of PAC products and application range:



  1. Purification for the river,lake,and underground water which are supplied for the city.
  2. Purification for industry water and industry circulation water.
  3. Purification for city polluted water.
  4. Purification for the wasted and polluted water from industry of printing and dying,paper making,sugar refinery,leather,brewage,meat process,coal washing,smelt metal and pharmacy etc.as well as the polluted water containing fluorin,oil and heavy metal.
  5. TO reclaim coal from the coal-washing polluted water and reclaim kaolin form pottery industry.
  6. Glycerin making,Pharmacy,Liquid sugar refined.
  7. Solidifing cement quickly,foundry and moulding.
  8. Tannage and cloth cocking-prevent.
  9. Raw material of cosmetic.
  10. Carrier of catalyzer.
Package,cautions in

transportation and storage

  1. Solid PAC is packed with PP woven outer bag and PP inner bag,25kg net weight each;or plastic film outer bag,and PP inner bag,20kg net weight each.liquid PAC is packed in tank container or in drum according to the requirement of the customer.
  2. Period of validity of liquid PAC is one year and that of Solid PAC is two years.Solid PAC should be stored be stored in dry and aeration area,to avoid moisture,if the products get damp,it would not influence use.
  3. liquid product and its diluted solution are slightly corrosive,which should be stored in anticorrosive container.
  4. PAC should not be stored together with poisonous and corrlsive products or other chemical products.

Usage and attention item
In order to achieve the best flocculation effect and economic benefit,we strongly suggest customers should make certain the best dosage through quantification test before using the products.
  1. the products should be dissolved and diluted before use which can improve the precision of dosage.When confecting the dissolution,different consistencies should be made certain according to different treated sub jects.The general consitence is 1-5%.
  2. The idiographic dosage should be made certain according to different water.The following table can be consulted for the general dosage:

  3. To avoid use the product together with others.water treatments products.
  4. Light calefaction happens when solid PAC dissolves,but it will not influence the dissolutions and usage.

Service and technic supports
  1. in order to enable our products to achieve the best effect,our professional engineers will give the users topranking service on the spot and after service.
  2. We can provide a whole set lf technology of water treatment,including evaluation lf water treating project and feasibility report as well as project design,construction,fixing and debugging.
  3. We provide blending agglomeration test service on the spot,including inspecting the treatment effect,debugging equipment suggesting dosage and providing analyzing report of treament cost.
  4. In case customers have special requirements for use,we can try our best to provide corresponding proucts.
  5. We have many professional engineers,who can provide all kins of production tests.
Specification of PAC



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