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Characteristic Of Food Additive Glacial Acetic Acid
name:Food Additive Glacial Acetic Acid
Production Classify:Food Additive Glacial Acetic Acid
Add Time:2006-8-17 21:41:06
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Production Introduce :

Product introduction that:

    Inspection procedure: According to GB code GB1903-1996 standard

Acetic acid essentail property:

    The acetic acid is the edible vinegar main chemical composition, is
the colorless transparent liquid (is lower than 16.7°C when for white
crystal), has the irritant sour odor, its steam to the mucous
membrane, has the stimulation in particular to the eye mucous
membrane. The thick acetic acid can cause skin burning. The acetic
acid and the water, are mellow, the benzene, the glycerine, the fatty
oil and so on the organic fluid physical ability is mutually soluble.
Molecular formula: CH3COOH molecular weight: 60.05 densities: 1.0492
自燃点: 565°C explosive limit: 5.4---17%

Product production permit and hygienic permit authorization document number:

    The cassiabarktree petrifies the accurate character [ 2,001 ] 309 Gui
Weishi the card character [ 2,003 ] 031st

Use and application method:

    Serves as the sour odor medicinal preparation and the flavoring agent
in food profession, the suitable dilution may mix Cheng Shicu, the
content when 3-5% may take the vinegar is direct edible, when the
daily use increases according to the actual required quantity.

Packing specification:

    Uses the edible level polyethylene to model the feeding trough, each
barrel net weight 25Kg.

Safe matters needing attention:

    The highly concentrated edible acetic acid splashes to when the eye,
the skin can cause the serious chemistry to burn, if was not careful
is splashed, first uses the massive water flushing to splash the spot,
then uses 3% sodium bicarbonate watery solution flushing, burns
comparatively serious to be supposed to go to the hospital to carry on
further processes. Storing, the transportation process strictly
prohibit with being virulent, the flammable explosive goods mixed
load, storing.



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