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The generation advertises for the staff announcement




  Writer:NANING CHEMICAL GROUP CO.,LTD. Click:9270 Addtime:2006-8-6 4:54:18

RE : Nanning Yang rare euros unit recruitment of new materials Ltd.   Nanning Yang rare euros RE new material from Nanning Chemical Company Limited, Guangdong Yangjiang RE Ltd and two other shareholders together to set up a limited liability company (South financed 40% of the shares) in 2006 in Nanning City Administration of Industry and Commerce for registration.
RE series of new materials for the company's main products. Cheng companies to recruit the following staff : (recruitment Application deadline July 31, 2006)
First, analysts : 4;
Second, mechanics : 2;
3 Power : 2.
Requirements : Candidates must hold appropriate qualifications (operating) certificate.
Gender : male and female.
Age : 20 to 35 years.
Health and the lack of medical clearance.
It has particular recruitment : First, candidates on the company to review and clearance, the company notice of the company with the induction study (60 days time, during training to learn that only 300 living 2.The), training examinations and assessments culminating in the end of the study, employed by the company and signed labor contracts.
Second, the work place : the company (South of the plant area) Third, offer and has agreed to talk with the company for work : Fourth, companies do not address the staff housing.
Warmly welcome you to join the company.
Telephone : 2104325 210238
Acting Human Resources Nanning Chemical Co. Ltd.
Author : Human Resources Nanning Chemical Co. Ltd. Source : Human Resources Nanning Chemical Co. Ltd.


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