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    Product Basic Document
 Product Basic Document:
  The bleaching powder for the white powdery matter, has the chlorine fetid odor. The chemical property is unstable, exposes is easy in the air to decompose, meets the water or the ethyl alcohol also decomposes, meets in the air the moisture content or the inorganic acid decomposes into the hypochlorous acid, produces the oxygen, has the blanching function. The bleaching powder generally contains the available chlorine approximately 35%, the long time saves also can decompose reduces the effective component. With the organic matter, the flammable liquid mix can have burning, can occur the high fever the detonation.
  The bleaching powder for is strong , virulent, inspiration in vivo causes the nose, the throat ache, is even poisoned.
Bleaching powder use:
  Mainly uses in blanching and so on paper pulp, textile fiber and cotton fabric, but also uses in disinfection sterilization and so on city and countryside potable water, the silkworm room, the fish sugar, the feed farm and so on the disinfection. May kill the birds and beasts flu virus, avoids the poultry infection, prevents and controls each kind of bacterium fish disease. Also may use in the organic synthesis, the wool expander, the deodorizer, may use in the acetylene and the petroleum aspect purifies and so on.



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